Mission Statement:Cordrey Charities is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and sharing the joys and rewards of gardening and living among plants with all members of our community. We do this by providing education, motivation, and inspiration through classroom programs, gardening classes and demonstrations, guest speakers, the creation of healing gardens, and other projects and programs. We are also committed to helping our community better understand the direct relationship between a healthy lifestyle and the incorporation of plants in one’s life. Our fund is supported by fundraising efforts, grants, and donations and will help develop the gardens of tomorrow by teaching gardeners today.

Cordrey Charities' first program has been very successful and is ongoing and expanding! We have been working with 2nd grade teachers at Millsboro Elementary School where we gave each 2nd grader an aloe plant and information about caring for their plants along with information about all of the uses of aloe in our everyday lives. The students were responsible for taking care of their plants and attended a special assembly this spring where prizes were awarded to students whose plants fared well throughout the winter.

Each December, we also host a fundraiser to raise money for families in need for the holidays.  Last year, we were able to give over $17,000 to local families!

We are currently in the process of planning an expansion of the program into schools throughout Sussex County. See Cordrey Charities' Facebook page for updates on our programs, activities, and events.



Watch Cordrey Charities' Facebook page for updates on activities and events!