Year Round Container Gardening

With over 70 greenhouses of plant material at our disposal, RSC Landscaping has the unique ability to create container and window box gardens for every season of the year.

As the seasons change so will the plant material featured in your container gardens. Enjoy the first flowers of spring, a wide array of tropicals in the summer, the changing colors of autumn, and the holiday spirit of winter. Our design experts will strategically choose plant material that will flourish and provide the most interest for any season.

If gardening is not your forte, RSC can provide trained staff to apply the proper amount of water and fertilizer creating ideal soil conditions, and maintain your plant material ensuring that your container gardens are always lush and healthy.

To get a closer look at exactly what our team has done be sure to browse our online work portfolio! It features landscape designs, custom gardens and much more.

For more information - or to begin talking to our trained staff about what RSC Landscaping can do for you - please contact our office today!