Landscape Lighting

When your outdoor living space is beautiful you want to be able to show the world - even after the sun goes down! That's where exterior landscape lighting comes in. RSC Landscaping can help illuminate your home and garden, showcasing your lawn, flowerbeds, and your home.

Outdoor lighting is also a fantastic amenity for your patio or porch, ensuring that you'll be able to use your outdoor living spaces as long into the night as you'd like.

We provide pathway and driveway lighting, yard lighting and more.

Irrigation Services

We can design and install any landscaping arrangement you'd like, but rough summer weather is a pro at eating away at even the finest work - and that's why we recommend combatting nature with an irrigation system. Specially trained irrigation technicians will design and install an irrigation system for your lawn or garden, ensuring its safety throughout the year. Our irrigation systems are effective, proven and affordable. Once your system in installed, our professional team can maintenance your system through out the year. 

To get a closer look at exactly what our team has done be sure to browse our online work portfolio! It features landscape designs, custom gardens and much more.

For more information - or to begin talking to our trained staff about what RSC Landscaping can do for you - please contact our office today!